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At the start of the year traditionally people reflect on the year gone by and take some time to look at what they want to achieve for the year ahead. So what do I want to work towards in terms of my photography? I want to capture more meaningful and narrative images consistently. Throughout the last year I have worked hard on creating images regularly and of a consistent quality however I feel that I would be happier with fewer, far more meaningful images. I have definitely found myself more comfortable working in black and white, shooting on film and with a 35mm lens or equivalent. I find myself gravitating towards high contrast black and white images and want them to include more narrative, more layers. I have recognised a series that I want to further develop in the theme of myself included in reflections / shadows in my street photography and would like to put together a small self published book for myself containing my best images for the year. I would like to take some workshops and start working on some more conceptual photograph series that I have in my mind. My ultimate goal is to set myself up ready to exhibit some of my photographs as fine art for the next year. And that about wraps up my goals for the year, I think they are definitely achievable and I will have to work hard on developing projects and concepts that will hopefully be interesting and have artistic merit. I guess we will see how far I get in the year ahead! Happy New Year, I hope you achieve all that you set your mind on! – Michael Jolliffe.






The greatest reward from photography is the preservation of events in an artful form. It is a joy to look back upon photographs and have the memories triggered or even stories created in your mind if you were not present. That’s why I make images and why it is important to me.




A trip to the local park with my daughter in Merrylands, NSW, Australia. So much energy and emotion in my little angel. She is a joy to photograph. I think that without the distraction of colour, the raw emotion is more present. There is always a time for colour, but I tend to see everything in black and white first.







I am just a few clicks away from hitting 25000 shutter releases on my D7000. I know that anyone can hold down a shutter button and take thousands of frames, but for me, I think it marks an important milestone in my photography. I carry a camera with me as much as possible, almost every day. Whatever I see, I am constantly assessing it for composition, lighting, thinking about depth of field and making pictures has become a part of my thought process in daily life. I have noticed a lot of changes to how I approach taking pictures. I take far less frames of each subject now and pass up opportunities of capturing something if it will not achieve my vision of it, instead thinking of how to properly set it up later. I really want to make photography into a career. I am considering ditching my day job for part time work while I try to make it by myself, photography jobs are hard to come by. I’d really like to work in a studio with a bunch of other creative people, that is my dream. Anyways, here are a few pictures that I shot in my living room last night.



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Michael Jolliffe

Welcome to my blog! I have been working on developing some personal projects lately that I hope will kick off shortly. I am brainstorming ideas for single pictures, sketching the image that i want and noting all the details that i want to include, the hard part is yet to come with finding locations, organising models, props and time. Recently I have worked with Aleena to create some content for her fashion blog at and hopefully this will turn into an ongoing booking!

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