I would not have thought a little while ago that i would get so much fun from a 76 year old lens. I had recently started reading about using uncoated and older lenses on the Leica Monochrom which apparently helps “tame” the sharpness of the sensor and give a somewhat more filmic look to the files, so i went hunting. Falling in love with the look of examples that i’d seen online and how the older lenses have such character, it brought me back to where i was loving the images i got out of my Voightlander R2m and 35 Nokton Classic. It was a familiar warmth that this kind of lens brought into the picture. I’m not saying that i dont love the razor sharpness of the 35 Lux FLE, its in its own league but I was after a 50mm. That was the main reason for looking at lenses, i wanted to have a little tighter compositions and test out a 50. Trying out a couple of 50’s in the shop, i chose this classic Leitz Elmar 3.5 due to its sharpness and contrast over the copies of the rigid summicron (which had some separation in the front element) and the collapsible Summicron. I feel i got a real bargain and it just looks bad ass on the monochrom. Here are some sample shots after a day and a half with this lens.