I wasn’t planning on getting any more cameras just yet but whilst shooting at the markets, my girlfriend Jess pointed out this Polaroid MiniPortrait 402. It wasn’t pretty, being covered in dust and very grubby and the seller wasn’t sure if it worked but I took a chance on it and scored it for $30aud. Got it home and cleaned it up, looks pretty and works fine! No focus adjustment, comes with a built in tape measure, focus is at 1.2 meters. My next project is to make a set of lens caps so that I can do a quadruple exposure whilst covering 3 of the lenses at a time, that way I can have 4 unique shots instead of 4 of the same! Has a removable back and takes the same pack film as the land cameras, which is now made by Fujifilm! Shutter speeds are 60, 125 and bulb. Aperture settings are 8, 16 and 32 with half stops in between.