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Experimenting with high shutter speed, flash and bokeh on the fuji x100s. This was shot at 1/1000th of a second at f2, ISO 200. I used a cheap radio trigger and set my nikon sb910 in manual mode at 1/8th power with a diffuser about 1.5 meters away. Afterwards I shot the second picture at 1/4000th of a second, f2 , ISO 200 and full power on the flash. I set the x100s in macro mode which is what I think caused the streaky look to the bokeh provided my my fish tank light.

What experimenting has everyone been doing lately?

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I never set out to photograph children, in fact I thought of children photography as something I wanted to avoid! Whenever I thought of it I imagined cringe worthy shots of children in awkward poses propped against a generic background or babies in pumpkins (it was done and then imitated to death). So, I surprised myself by enjoying photographing kids their own terms. They will never do what you want, you have to be cool, gain their trust. Put the camera down and play with them. When you are no longer a stranger, then you can begin documenting them in their natural environment. The results will be how the parents and family know and see their kids, dirty faces, emotions, laughs and everything you wanted to capture in the first place and while having a bit of fun being a kid.

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