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The greatest reward from photography is the preservation of events in an artful form. It is a joy to look back upon photographs and have the memories triggered or even stories created in your mind if you were not present. That’s why I make images and why it is important to me.




Eventually I would like to make photography into a viable business for myself. With the accessibility of photography for everyone, it is very difficult and actually much more about marketing and social networking skills than being a good photographer. I am concentrating on building and defining my style. Cutting out the shots that I don’t love and learning what I do like about the ones that I do love. Recently I purchased a new Thunderbolt Display from Apple, amazing for editing all the shots from the days shoot. My next purchase will likely be a large format printer. It would be great to see my work on great quality paper at least at A2 size and also be able to offer custom printing options and quick turn around to future clients. Following is a selection of photographs I have put out lately. Take care – Mike