I would like to share a little about this photograph of my daughter Emiliana. It was taken a few weeks ago, I had decided to take the afternoon off my day job and take my daughter down to her favourite local park. I brought along one of my smaller body camera’s with a 35mm lens, just in case anything caught my attention that may be worth photographing. Instead, I ended up running all over the playground with my daughter, laughing and having a great time. She kept going back to the flying fox and I thought this could make a great shot, at least as a family snapshot for some fun. As she is a little bit too short, I had to lift her onto the seat at the start and run to the end to stop her falling off, because it ends pretty suddenly and almost sends the kids flying horizontally! After a few times down and back I thought that I would give a go at jogging alongside whilst taking a few snaps as we got near the end and then cushion the finish by gently slowing her speed. Because I was so close, the 35mm was perfect, adding a sense of intimacy to the scene, I chose my angle to be able to clearly see Emilianas’ face and a wide aperture for a some nice background blur or bokeh. This was my favourite from the few that I captured and I love her expression.

Take care and thanks for reading!

Michael Jolliffe