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A trip to the local park with my daughter in Merrylands, NSW, Australia. So much energy and emotion in my little angel. She is a joy to photograph. I think that without the distraction of colour, the raw emotion is more present. There is always a time for colour, but I tend to see everything in black and white first.







Last few days of shooting. Sneaking up on lizards and a portrait shoot in the Blue Mountains after recent bush fires.








I’d like some photo challenges. I shoot what I see and seek out ideas that I have but would love to have some input to get the creativity flowing. If you have a theme for me I would really appreciate it!

A few shots from last night of my Minolta slr, Kodak 400 film and one from today of a tree with lens flare.




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I am just a few clicks away from hitting 25000 shutter releases on my D7000. I know that anyone can hold down a shutter button and take thousands of frames, but for me, I think it marks an important milestone in my photography. I carry a camera with me as much as possible, almost every day. Whatever I see, I am constantly assessing it for composition, lighting, thinking about depth of field and making pictures has become a part of my thought process in daily life. I have noticed a lot of changes to how I approach taking pictures. I take far less frames of each subject now and pass up opportunities of capturing something if it will not achieve my vision of it, instead thinking of how to properly set it up later. I really want to make photography into a career. I am considering ditching my day job for part time work while I try to make it by myself, photography jobs are hard to come by. I’d really like to work in a studio with a bunch of other creative people, that is my dream. Anyways, here are a few pictures that I shot in my living room last night.



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Michael Jolliffe

Set my alarm to 4.20am this morning to get down to Bondi beach in time for sun rise. Very overcast so no great colourful sunrise but the “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition is visiting at the moment so I wasn’t too upset. Here is a few shots of some of the sculptures. After about 20 minutes there were crowds already starting to build and photographers everywhere, everyone was taking turns and not walking in front of anyone’s camera which was really nice. I know that a million photos of these sculptures are out there but I hope I added a little of my style to make them my own.





I would like to share a little about this photograph of my daughter Emiliana. It was taken a few weeks ago, I had decided to take the afternoon off my day job and take my daughter down to her favourite local park. I brought along one of my smaller body camera’s with a 35mm lens, just in case anything caught my attention that may be worth photographing. Instead, I ended up running all over the playground with my daughter, laughing and having a great time. She kept going back to the flying fox and I thought this could make a great shot, at least as a family snapshot for some fun. As she is a little bit too short, I had to lift her onto the seat at the start and run to the end to stop her falling off, because it ends pretty suddenly and almost sends the kids flying horizontally! After a few times down and back I thought that I would give a go at jogging alongside whilst taking a few snaps as we got near the end and then cushion the finish by gently slowing her speed. Because I was so close, the 35mm was perfect, adding a sense of intimacy to the scene, I chose my angle to be able to clearly see Emilianas’ face and a wide aperture for a some nice background blur or bokeh. This was my favourite from the few that I captured and I love her expression.

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Michael Jolliffe