Went on a hike Saturday morning from Perry’s Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest in the Blue Mountains. I decided to leave my tripod in the car as it was pouring rain, the tripod is pretty heavy and the track is hard grade, being steps down a cliff into the valley then back up. I was determined to go however, the conditions meant it was quite dark, i was unsure if i would be able to shoot the xpan. I had the 30mm with the center corrective filter, the widest aperture is f5.6, with the center filter it is effectively an f8 or so. I decided to load hp5 and push to 1600 in development to be able to give me a usable shutter speed range of 15th – 30th/sec due to the available light. I thought that i might not be able to achieve much but shot two rolls before i was forced to pack away the cameras from being drowned. I’m glad that i didn’t give up, here are some shots from the two rolls i shot. Developed in xtol stock for 13mins.

Images from the Grand Canyon Trail in Blackheath, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia.

Dusted off the Widelux this past weekend and went down to Circular Quay to check out some of the Chinese New Year statues.

I would not have thought a little while ago that i would get so much fun from a 76 year old lens. I had recently started reading about using uncoated and older lenses on the Leica Monochrom which apparently helps “tame” the sharpness of the sensor and give a somewhat more filmic look to the files, so i went hunting. Falling in love with the look of examples that i’d seen online and how the older lenses have such character, it brought me back to where i was loving the images i got out of my Voightlander R2m and 35 Nokton Classic. It was a familiar warmth that this kind of lens brought into the picture. I’m not saying that i dont love the razor sharpness of the 35 Lux FLE, its in its own league but I was after a 50mm. That was the main reason for looking at lenses, i wanted to have a little tighter compositions and test out a 50. Trying out a couple of 50’s in the shop, i chose this classic Leitz Elmar 3.5 due to its sharpness and contrast over the copies of the rigid summicron (which had some separation in the front element) and the collapsible Summicron. I feel i got a real bargain and it just looks bad ass on the monochrom. Here are some sample shots after a day and a half with this lens.

Videre is the title of a new photographic collective that i have recently joined with five other Australian photographers. It will give me a chance to get my work seen and delve into the world of self publishing, with a zine that we are planning to be something special. A fluster of a weekend had me jamming hours into saturday morning to see me out collecting light on the city streets. Meeting with Ess to chat Videre and practice seeing. Videre means to see, to perciece and to look. Here are few shots from Saturday…